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Our Service Promise
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D&G are the very proud winners of the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence nine years in a row now from 2011 to 2019
Recognition at this level doesn't just happen overnight, it's the result of our unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional customer experience.

It's also our service promise.

Our customers’ benefit from having the certainty, convenience and peace of mind - that underpins all of our business processes from policy take-up through to claims and repairs service.

We have more than 2,500 repair agents covering Australia
Based on number of repair agents on book as of February 2019.
We have won the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence nine years in a row
We deliver outstanding customer service nationally, and have won this award every year from 2011-2019
In 2016, we replaced over 10,000 appliances worth millions of dollars
Based on validated numbers and value of replacements for 2016.
TEQ Awards
We conduct frequent customer satisfaction surveys to monitor our service quality and improve our products, systems and processes. In 2011 DGA introduced the Total Excellence and Quality (TEQ) Awards to reward great service in our repair network. The awards are determined through our post- repair customer surveys that assess repair technician service levels, including:

how politely and efficiently the initial repair call was handled and,

the efficiency, punctuality and courtesy through the repair process.

The survey scores are used to calculate a Quality Points Score (QPS) and rank the repair agents for the annual award. We believe the TEQ awards are the largest consistent customer service survey of its type within the service world. They have even been widely credited with driving improved service standards in other territories.

The introduction of these awards has undoubtedly had a positive impact on service standards nationally. The awards recognise our most successful repair agents and have driven greater quality and compliance overall.

Customer satisfaction survey data provides an industry benchmark for repairers to gauge their performance across the industry. The TEQ awards are fast becoming a recognised Australian benchmark for service excellence.
Worry and Hassle-free claiming
As a D&G customer, you can trust in our service promise. We have a 97.5% claims acceptance rate* and a professional repair network that aims for a first time fix to minimize your inconvenience.

Our customers can also feel confident that should they need to make a claim and we decide your appliance is beyond repair, our promise means we will aim to replace it with one of the same or similar specification. In 2016, we demonstrated our commitment to this by replacing thousands of appliances each month with brand new ones.