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Our monthly pay insurance programs
Partner with us
If you would like more information on how our monthly pay insurance programs can work with your business, please email us at the address below.
Partner enquiries
We're giving customers new insurance options that include monthly payments, no annual upfront fees, and no lock-in contracts.
Monthly pay insurance programs help create long-term customer relationships and maximise the value that customers and retail partners receive by offering additional features and benefits.
We accept 99.2% of claims contributing to customers retaining their policies beyond five years
Domestic & General’s claims acceptance rate of 99.2% is calculated based on claims processed over the period 1 January - 31 December 2019.
Our retail partners typically receive more commission directly from the sale of monthly pay insurance products
According to case studies, subscription customers generate more warranty commission revenue for European retailers based on full year-on-year comparison following the introduction of a subscription program. Commission revenue will vary by appliance type, mix and existing levels of commission.
We have an approved repair network that covers 99.6% of postcodes within 100kms of a capital city in Australia and New Zealand
Service network coverage of 99.6% of postcodes within 100kms of a capital city in Australia and New Zealand is a service coverage calculation based on the number of repairs per month with less than 1 per cent “GAP” area (i.e. where a repair agent is unavailable).
Our customers get
Unlimited claims against accidental damage and common faults (e.g. limescale and blockages)
Monthly installments with no annual upfront fee and no fixed-term contract
Cover against theft
Award-winning customer service and a dedicated Australian-based call centre
Enhancing customer loyalty

Our monthly payments allow customers to choose their period of cover and cancel at any time. This removes the annual upfront costs of the traditional extended warranty model. With the flexibility to cancel anytime, customer loyalty has improved significantly – we've seen around 40% of monthly pay customers retaining their policies beyond five years.*

Better value for our customers

In 2019, 99.2% of customers covered by Domestic & General products had their claims resolved^. This is just one example of us providing value and peace of mind for customers. We’ve also made sure that our monthly pay insurance programs include features that customers actually need. With accidental damage, theft, and common faults covered, customers have comprehensive protection when they need it.

Our retail partners get
Broad coverage of appliance categories, ranging from accidental damage to theft
Partnership with a trusted, experienced insurance provider
Approved repair agents who are monitored for service quality and customer satisfaction
Doing more for our retail partners

Our in-house local call centre gives us better control of our service levels. This, alongside our evolving repair management system, enables our retail partners to have better visibility of their customers’ experience. All of our repairers are appropriately selected to make sure they have the public liability required. That way, we make sure the 2 million appliances that we cover get the best possible care, including authentic parts wherever available.

Retail partners benefit long-term

Monthly pay insurance programs foster longer customer relationships, and retail partners enjoy multiple long-term benefits from the program. This can result in a considerable increase in partner revenue both from commissions and indirect sales from replacements.

*40% of Domestic & General’s monthly pay customers remain on book for over 5 years.

^Domestic & Generals claims acceptance rate of 99.2% is calculated based on claims processed over the period 1 January - 31 December 2019.