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The D&G Difference
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For the past 60 years, we’ve been looking after customers and their homes when their appliances break down.
Our experience lets us design products that support you and your customers. We underwrite our own products, giving us the unique ability to offer simple contract structures and flexible pricing for our partners.
In 2016, we replaced over 10,000 appliances worth millions of dollars
Based on validated numbers and value of replacements for 2016.
We have won the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence nine years in a row
We deliver outstanding customer service nationally, and have won this award every year from 2011-2019
We have more than 2,500 repair agents covering Australia
Based on number of repair agents on book as of February 2019.
Continuous improvement through real customer insights
We measure our customer interactions through quantitative and qualitative feedback, providing key insights about their experiences. This ensures we evolve our processes in line with customer expectations.

While insights help drive continuous improvement, the real indicators of success are growth and the positive impact we have on your business.
Our lifecycle program
Our lifecycle program lets you offer products and services that match the different stages of your customers’ lifecycle. This means we only communicate with customers when products become relevant and offer value, as well as the potential to reduce business costs.
Creating customer value for growth
We want customers to have a great experience, from signing up through to making a claim.

With a ‘no quibble’ approach to customer claims, supported by a 97.5% claims acceptance rate*, we foster long-term customer relationships and sustainable satisfaction.

Furthermore, our products are developed with the aim of addressing real customer needs and generating great value. From there, we deepen the customer relationship by giving them the opportunity to extend their cover across more appliances, or take up different types of insurance to suit their situation.

*This is based on the last 2 years of claims data, taking in account all rejected claim reasons.
We pride ourselves on giving customers continuous cover for the life of their appliance. We provide renewal options to our customers so customers aren’t left exposed to the inconvenience and cost of damages or breakdowns.