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We partner with some of Australia’s leading manufacturers of household appliances, including ASKO, Fisher & Paykel, LG, Samsung and Whirlpool.
Manufacturers across the globe choose us for our experience in tailoring warranty and insurance solutions to suit their customers’ unique needs.

With each solution created to meet your specific customers’ needs, we use our expertise and services to drive improved customer experience, loyalty and revenue.
In 2016, we replaced over 10,000 appliances worth millions of dollars
Based on validated numbers and value of replacements for 2016.
We have won the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence six years in a row
We deliver outstanding customer service nationally, winning the award every year from 2011-2016
We have more than 2,500 repair agents covering Australia
Based on number of repair agents on book as of February 2016.
Payment plans
With monthly payment options customers have more flexibility to manage changing needs and budgets, ensuring you maintain an on-going revenue stream.
Appliance replacements
If we can’t repair a customer’s appliance, we’ll replace it with a new appliance of the same or similar specifications to broken down appliance. In situations where a comparable appliance is not available, customers will be offered a store credit to either partly or fully pay for a replacement appliance of their choice.
Local contact centres
Tech support and customer queries are handled by our local team of experts in Melbourne.
Solution focussed
Our range of solutions provides the right cover for your customers whether their appliance is in or out of warranty.
Repair network
We have over 2,500 repair agents in our network covering 99.4%* of Australia.
*Service coverage calculation is based on number of repairs per month with less than one per month ‘GAP’ area (where a repair agent is unavailable).
Multi-channel service management
We manage the end-to-end customer journey from registration to retention, letting customers access services over the phone, by mail or online.
Data security and management
We treat all customer information with care, ensuring high levels of data security and compliance with Australian law and regulation.