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We’re specialists in protecting domestic appliances
Our infrastructure gives us the flexibility and capabilities needed to help both small and large businesses provide warranty and insurance services to their customers.
In 2016, we replaced over 10,000 appliances worth millions of dollars
Based on validated numbers and value of replacements for 2016.
We have won the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence six years in a row
We deliver outstanding customer service nationally, winning the award every year from 2011-2016
We have more than 2,500 repair agents covering Australia
Based on number of repair agents on book as of February 2016.
Appliance Protect
Appliance Protect is a twelve month renewable insurance policy that offers your customers accidental damage and breakdown cover for an out of warranty appliance.
Appliance Protect Plus
Appliance Protect Plus is a monthly insurance policy that offers your customers enhanced cover alongside their appliance’s manufacturer warranty.
Appliance Assist
Appliance Assist is an insurance policy that covers all your customer’s major domestic appliances against call-out and labour costs.
Appliance Assist Plus
Appliance Assist Plus lets customers tailor their insurance policy and protect multiple appliances against the cost of repairs or replacements.
Repair & Protect
Repair & Protect offers your customers a fix for their broken appliance plus protection against future problems for a monthly price.